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  • Imposing Good Governance - Is Kosovo Modern Enough? This article considers the introduction of new bureacratic structures in Kosovo, and the danger that it will become an 'empty shell', without the necessary modern bureaucratic culture to make it work as intended. To be published in the Java Magazine, Kosovo. Written in Oslo, April 2002.
  • Field Research in Conflict Societies - Methodological Problems [Feltarbeid i konflikt-samfunn - forskningsetiske dillemmaer ved deltagende observasjon som metode]. To be published in the Post-Graduate Student's Year Book 2002 at the Insitute of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo. April 2002 [Norwegian only].

Political Comments

  • The Norwegian Language Debate. Written for the weekly JAVA Magazine in Kosovo. The JAVA magazine writes in the Gheg language that is based upon the northern Albanian dialect as opposed to the official Albanian written language. The official Albanian written language is widely perceived as being based primarily on the southern Albanian 'Tosk' dialect (where the Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha was born). In Kosovo, the cultural differences between Albanians in Kosovo and Albanians in Albania is about to be acknowledged and a discussion about the written language used by Albanians in Kosovo is in the horizon. The process of developing the 'New Norwegian' Language in the middle of the 19th century in Norway has quite some smilarities to what Kosvo now might face. 26.12.01
  • Tyrkias politiske spill med Vesten, PKK og Hezbollah [Turkeys political game with the West, PKK and Hezbollah]. A political article about Turkey's arrest of the PKK leader and the brake-down of the Hezbollah terrorist organisation in light of Turkeys ambitions to apply for membership in the European Union. Written from the town Dogubeyazit in Eastern Turkey. Published by the Norwegian daily Dagsavisen in February 2000 (Norwegian only).


  • The AppleTree. A poem about understanding the world. Oslo, September 2005.
  • To-stemthet [Two-some-beeing]. A poem about togetherness. Dakar, October 2004 (Norwegian only).
  • Self-Critisism. Poem about the ambivalence of optimal living. Pristina - Kosovo, December 2000.

  • I am Dionysian. Declaration of living (poem), in Nietzsche's sense. Pristina - Kosovo, December 2000.

  • Planeten Du er Svevende, Universets Ekspansjon [something like 'The Planet you are floating, the Expansion of the Universe']. Short poetry about the stereotypes of success and its social implications. Oslo, Summer 2000 (Norwegian only).


  • The Revenge of the East. A Poetic short-story about cultural imperialism and its strange interceptions. Dharamsala - India, May 2000


  • The Sunday Trip fun. Now in Flash Movie format! You can still see the old interactive one here. The concept was born in Aarhus, Denmark 1997. My first interactive artstory ...and certainly not the last...



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