Aasmund Andersen


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  • Sierra Leone, 2002. Working for UN OCHA in the Eastern Province / Kailahun close to the Liberian border.
  • New Mexico, USA February 2002. Why not combine a conference with a few days on the road?
  • Travel Photos from India, Pakistan and Kosovo (and Hafjell), April-May 2000.
  • Travel Letters from overland ' study' journey from Istanbul to Dehli Jan-May 2000.



At 3300 meter above sea-level, Nanga Parbat still look majestetic and make you feel smaller than ever. Nanga Parbat is the 7th highest mountain in the world located not too far from K2 in Northern Pakistan, altering 8147 meter above the sea. It has got the nickname "Killer Mountain" as it was untill resently the mountain with the highest casualties, more than 80 climbers in expeditions starting from the 40'ies lost their lives mostly in avalanches here.



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