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The Will (2010) 25 August 2010, 00.00 Poetry
What is it with manwho makes him so compelledto impose his will on othersfeeling pleasedwhen others bend in his favorfeeling satisfiedwhen the
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A fast-but-slow life (2010) 03 August 2010, 00.00 Poetry
Seek a fast lifeBombard yourself with experiencesencounters and learningYour brain needs itdo not stagnate, keep movingBut do not let your
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Contentedness (2010) 28 July 2010, 00.00 Poetry
Why so smug and calmone dayand racing for confirmation the otherWhy so content and lazylike a cat on the porch in the sunone dayand stressed with
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The Albanian – A Basic Ethnographic Inquiry into Albanian Symbols and Sentiments 17 August 2000, 00.00 Academic
Aasmund Andersen, August 2000 Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo THE ALBANIAN – A BASIC ETHNOGRAPHIC INQUIRY INTO
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To-Stemthet (2004) 15 October 2004, 00.00 Poetry
To-StemthetÅ speile seg selvI sitt indreOg se at man er seg selvMotsatt, drifter satt i sjakkHva gjør man med sitt eget spillNår ofret er
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Popular Patriotic Songs in Kosovo 01 December 2000, 00.00 Commentary
These translations are not final. Pristina, 2000Popular Patriotic Songs in Kosovo today Ilir ShaqiriThe Guard of Kosovo (Garda e Kosoves)Dy
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I am currently based in London, and managing the expansion of the Revenue Development Foundation operations in Africa.

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Previous Updates:

October 2007 - I am currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, consulting on Aid Management and implementing Aid Management Information Systems (AIMS) in the East Africa region.

October 2006 - I am currently based in Washington DC, consulting in the area of Aid Effectiveness and Insitutional Capacity Development.

November 2005 - I have accepted a UNDP job in Sri Lanka working for the Government's unit for coordination of the Tsunami recovery effort (TAFREN), starting 24 October. I look forward to be working in Asia, and to learn more about recovery, coordination and the dynamics of politics with ethno-nationalistic conflicts.

July 2005 - Just finished one and a half year as the Capacity-building Advisor for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sierra Leone. Now I am back in Oslo enjoying the summer and travelling around visiting friends, getting fat and fit for the next assignment...

January 2004 - As OCHA phase down, I have accepted an enhanced position with UNDP, that is now taking over the SLIS project and supporting the establishment of a government led Development Assistance Coordination Office (DACO) under the Vice-President, to take the lead in coordination and strategic planning. This is an exciting challenge and a critical institution for Sierra Leone, also taking charge of the development of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.

January 2003 - Working as an Advisor for the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Responsible for the developing a monitoring system for the National Recovery Strategy, in cooperation with the Sierra Leone Information System (SLIS). Also coordinating OCHAs field coordinators, to enhance coordination among the humanitarian community and build capacity among local government institutions.

August 2002 - On very short notice, I responded to an assignment for UNOCHA, and left on of the richest countries in the world (Norway) for Sierra Leone, which, according to UNDP, is the least developed country in the world. The resources we have for recovering the country, devastated by a decade of war, are very limited. The international focus is on Afghanistan and Central Asia. Funding to Western Africa has suffered and we are working under a lot of financial constraints. Sierra Leonians have, however, had a completely different approach to reconciliation, as compared with people of the Balkans. The repatriation process is in its last phase, but as IDPs and returnees are travelling home, they meet new refugees on their way, who takes up their spaces in the camps. There are now 30.000 Liberian refugees in Sierra Leone, that fled the fighting in Western Liberia. The international response is twofold: firstly, accomodating the refugees in camps, and secondly, to assist in recovering the devastated home areas of the returnees. Most areas of Kailahun district has had approx. 95% destruction of buildings and infrastructure. In Kailahun town, only 3% of the buildings are intact. Pakistani peackeepers ensures security, but the the sustainability of the situation relies on the development in these areas, and a sucessful re-integration programme for the now demobilised rebels.

December 2001 - Even though it was hard work and very stressful working almost 6 months for the OSCE Department of Election Operations in Kosovo, I must say that I never had better colleagues and that I actually very much enjoyed the life I had there. Such a feeling of integrity may only be felt in places where you are perceived as a foreigner in a society that has been asking for foreign rule (UN protectorate) for a decade and finally got it.

9 September 2001 - Could not say no to job offer from the OSCE in Kosovo - organising the central assembly elections scheduled for 17th of November. This time I work in HQ with the huge task of organising and co-ordinating training of the 18.000 staff we will have on election day. Very hectic, therefore not much time for web developing and writing my thesis.

May 2001 - Currently in Pristina, Kosovo, finalizing my fieldwork and thesis in Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo. Arrived here with civilian bus from Skopje without any problems. The Albanian guerilla in Macedonias stays clear of the main route to Kosovo...


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